Saturday, April 26, 2008

My bad TV habits

I splurged and signed up for the most basic TV package Comcast offers. I get local stations, two superstations and some religious and home shopping channels.

I don't get the Sopranos or Weeds or any of trendy, water cooler shows. But I do get short-lived sitcoms that are in endless re-runs. One of them is "Half & Half." It's on really late at night and it's often the only thing that's watchable.* Except on weekends, when they are re-running original series Star Trek eps with revamped special effects.

So I'm watching Half & Half last night and I suddenly realised that I have seen every episode of this lightweight show.

I have GOT to get a life. Or better cable.

* "Watchable" excludes SMG informercials and Jay Janssen's fake legal advice show. However, the infomercial that has bust women extolling the virtues of male enhancement products is kinda interesting to watch with the sound turned off.