Tuesday, April 29, 2008

City Planning for Dummies

I'd like to thank the people who decided it would be an absolutely smashing idea to close down sections of West Columbia Terrace at the same time they've got multiple lanes of West Main Street closed at the intersection with Sheridan.

Moment sago, I was part of a three-block long line of cars stuck on Main Street trying to get home. Thanks to the barricades they put off to keep low-life scum like ME out of their neighborhoods, I couldn't pull off Main and hightail it up to Armstrong.

And on University between Columbia Terrace and Main, there are multiple city trucks and multiple city employees filling up potholes. But, I saw more workers standing on their shovels than using them, but it was late in the day ... 3 p.m. Backed-up traffic made me and, I am sure, hundreds of otherPeorians, waste gasoline as we sat through multiple traffic light changes,

Absolutely smashing example of the brilliant city planning we've come to expect here in the River City. It sort of reminded of two summers ago, when the closed down West Nebraska, Gale and Forrest Hill Drive at the same damn time, preventing anyone from being traveling east to west the the city.

Keep up the good work folks. It's always nice to see some things never change in the ol' River City.