Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm really liking the new Blogger

Seriously, guys. Blogger offers a bunch of stuff that you have to upload as a plug-in if you have WordPress. I can even upload a file to get a new theme if I want. Not that I can't change the look or my current theme anyway.

My suggestions is to try their Beta, because of the massive numbers of integrated "Gadgets" (WP calls them "widgets." I like the slide show gadget (which would eat up too much bandwidth and resources on MY system) and the news feed.

The advantages to Blogger: You don't have to pay for and administer your own site.

The disadvantages to Blogger: Your posts are ultimately not controlled by you. If Blogger (i.e. Google) decides to delete or lose your and you can't find someone at the company to take pity on you to help, you are screwed.