Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am testing a post to all bogs feature in Bloggar.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Comic Con stuff: Stan Lee, Grant Morrison and two chicks decked out like 'Phoenix' and 'Emma Frost'

Luckiest boy in Canada

CUTLINE: Christian Elliott, 12, gets a hug to remember as Jayde Nicole makes a triumphant hometown return as the reigning Playmate of the Year.

Hrumph. And Peoria won't even build a statue for Richard Pryor.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Me. Want. This.

CUTLINE: Yves Rossy, known as the 'Fusion Man,' flies with a jet-powered single wing over the Alps in Bex, Switzerland, Wednesday, May 14, 2008. Some people go fishing on their day off. Yves Rossy likes to jump out of a small plane with a pair of jet-powered wings and perform figure eights above the Swiss Alps. The revolutionary human flying machine comes after five years of training and many more years of dreaming.

Suddenly, I won't have to drive to work. I imagine it uses about as much fuel as my car, though.

It's official: Sitcoms rot your brain

Apparently, someone needed to to a scientific study to determine this.

Here's my complaint: They are ALL the friggin' same.

New sitcom? Let me guess: The dad is fat, drinks too much beer, watches sports too much and is somewhat dysfunctional in his ability to raise the kids. The wife is out of his league, but is still a nag and a harpy. At least one of the kids with be a hottie daughter, and one of the kids will be a brainiac while the other struggles with grades. ALL of the kids will smart talk their parents in a way that would have gotten me a slap in the mouth. Oh, and they have a friend/neighbor/sister who's a bit of a slut.

Shall we name names?

'Hey, Angelina! Nice twins!'

Yep. She's looking even more like Laura Croft these days, thanks to a double-sized bn in the oven:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Angelina Jolie is indeed expecting twins, and it was Jack Black who let the news slip with a "Brady Bunch" crack. Long rumored to have two children by Brad Pitt on the way, Jolie confirmed the news during a side-by-side "Today" show interview with Black, her "Kung Fu Panda" co-star. The two are in Cannes, France, promoting the animated film.

The twins will be the 5th and 6th children for Jolie and Pitt. She didn't volunteer the information until Black dropped the hint, joking that the couple will "have as many as (the) 'Brady Bunch' when you have these."

Black's luck Angelina didn't go all Mr. and Mrs. Smith on his ass.

But seriously? Kung Fu Panda?

DC Comics corporate overlords should be ashamed of themselves

Via BoingBoing:

Thomas Denton of comic blog Say It Backwards has a nephew who was diagnosed with cancer. A charity called Candlelighters helped his family out. Thomas decided to use his connections in the comics world to organize some charitable auctions featuring original artwork by various artists to give something back to the organization. Apparently Time Warner (who own DC comics, who in turn own Superman, Batman and most of the cool superheroes who wear capes) objected to the selling of the pieces featuring their copyrighted and trademarked characters on eBay, specifically Superman from what I understand.
Boo! Boo!