Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey, comics publishers! Enough with the multi-title crossovers, already!

I picked up "DC Universe 0" today. It's basically giving DC Comics readers a taste of all the cross-overs planned for the coming year. Likewise, "Action Comics 864" is a taste of the upcoming "Legion of Three Worlds" with the Time Trapper as the villain and is designed to explain why there are three different versions of the Legion of Super Heroes out there. And "Green Lantern: Secret Origins" is already re-writing "Emerald Dawn."

Enough already. Stop rebooting, retelling and rehashing. Instead, try telling tasty-little stories in serialized art form. Every damn comic doesn't have to be part of a Major Event.

Actually, I did like both these comics. I'm hoping that "Final Crisis" is just that.

I hate to admit this, 'cause I've always been more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan, but the best comics titles out there are Captain America, Thor and Daredevil. I'm lost with the other Marvel stuff, 'cause they've got their own problems with multi-issue crossover disease. But these three books manage to tell well-plotted stories with decent art.