Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blogger Bash rehash

First, my apologies to everyone who was late or might not have gotten to tonight's Blogger Bash thanks to the crappy Google Map I used on my announcements. Of course, it would have helped had I bothered to include the very nice directions I was given by Katie.

I did remember to snap some pics. So, I thought I'd drive some traffic introduce readers to my new Blogger blog.

C.J. Summers tells an anonymous blogger that Peoria Chronicle is the most-read site in Peoria. But even C.J. cracks up at that one. What a kidder!

Cory of Morton Malaise and Alison West from Converse Marketing (more on her later) debate which geriatric rock band they are sick of most, AC/DC or the Rolling Stones.

Laura Petelle of Eyebrows McGee and the notorious C.J. debate something or other while the cute-as-a-bug Chloe pretends to be interested. Chloe is the daughter of Floyd of Central Illinois Gourmand-O-Rama. He was off camera somewhere talking to Katie's honey, Ron.

Laura left a bit early and beat me to the punch with her post about the bash.

This is the closest thing I have to a group picture. I'll try to name all the bashers who are in it. Back row: Laura, C.J. Chloe, Floyd, Katie, Brad Carter, Gary Sandberg (who showed up in an unsuccessful attempt to curry favor). We also can see back several heads. These three belong to Karen Carter (Brad's better half), Willa Lucas and Jason Salyers.

The aforementioned Allison and Jason work for Converse Marketing. They attended because they wanted to pick the brains of Peoria's blogging community about what Peoria means for them. They are using the info as they help Converse design a new logo for Peoria. Some of the less-than-serious suggestions included incorporating a crack-pipe or perhaps someone receiving a lap dance. A serious suggestion that received a lot of support was a logo using Peoria's skyline.

Willa Lucas and the Karen Carter, two babes from the East Bluff.

Present in spirit were Peoria Illinoisan and East Bluff Barbie.


Ramble On said...

Get it right, Billy. Karen (not Cindy) is Brad's spouse and is East Bluff Barbie. She was there in more than just spirit!

My Flock Rocks! said...

Cindy Carter? Oh wait until EBB gets wind of that! :)You will never hear the end of it!

Ms. PH said...

Hey - I miss one freakin' bash and I'm not even there in spirit? Jeez, PI hasn't been to one since JULY!!

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

I show up and I still catch grief. Go figure.

Cory said...

Anonymity has its downfalls, PI.

Anonymous said...

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